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Pazuri poultry farm is a modern farm that aims at producing high quality products efficiently and at the most affordable cost to our customers. At Pazuri, we use modern farming techniques in our production, processing and packaging to produce premium products at low cost hence giving our customers affordable products which are of the best value for their money. We welcome you to enjoy the Pazuri experience.

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We take extra pride in our high quality products. We keep precise and very good records to give you a complete and clear picture of the quality of the food that you are eating from our farm. We use best farming practices when rearing our chicken as well as use competent and qualified vet personnel to look after our chickens.

We mainly rear and produce:

Improved KARI Kienyeji

These are quick growing kienyeji birds with the same taste and texture of a pure Kienyeji chicken.


This is the beloved broiler which we all love. These are reared with no hormones or steroid whatsoever

Kienyeji Eggs

Our yellow yolked eggs from our kienyeji birds are large and nutritious and are a good value for money for you

Kienyeji Chicks

We take pride in our continous supply of chics from our hatchery. Place an order with us today

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Pazuri Records & Platform

Record keeping is the centerpiece of our farming practice. We have developed a friendly easy to use system that enables any poultry farmer conduct farming as an agribusiness. This system has allowed us to keep a track of all the activities happening in the farm including production and sales, cut losses, optimize our operations and above all remain profitable. We extend this record keeping system to other poultry farmers.

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